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Labour & Employment

Magliona Abogados has a labour practice with experts in the field. We support our clients, especially human resources departments, in planning, management and legal audit. We provide legal services to companies and individuals in matters such as representation in labour litigation, drafting and management of individual contracts and collective agreements, individual or collective negotiation processes, compensation and incentives, labour accidents, representation before the Inspectorate of Work and Social Security, among others.

We have experience in the field of subcontracting, advising leading companies, contractors and subcontractors.

One of the main objectives of our professional advice in this area is to prevent conflict. Thus, our purpose is to work along with our clients, developing policies and practices that promote productive relationships, with the aim of reducing the possibility of labour conflicts whether individual or collective, or administrative sanctions. Finally, we have the attorneys, the knowledge and experience required to advise our clients before the legal, substantive and procedural modifications of the Labor Reform.